GEVURAH (Red rooms, violence, Ares and Death)

GEVURAH (Red rooms, violence, Ares and Death)

I've got to mention briefly something which I forgot to discuss in my last post.

So, the culmination of the ARG was this VR space. Now, it's weird, because the way it worked, were that members of the cult were further immersed in the ARG than anyone else. What really happened is the further you descended through the ARG the higher you got in the initiation. It was like Cicada3301, and I have heard links between the TITAN ARG and Cicada3301. (TITAN was the real name of the ARG by the way, though i've often heard it referred to as THE VOICES or just 'The cult of Saturn ARG' the members all called it the TITAN ARG.)

So I never actually accessed this VR space myself. But I did have a pretty good understanding of the clues, and the layout of the puzzle. My understanding is that all the disks revealed secrets leading backwards. Sort of a satanic riddle because it only made sense backwards.

But essentially the final solution was solving the passwords in Disk001. (I think they were labelled 'knowledge for those with keys'. Now basically, something in here would grant you into this next stage of initiation where you were invited into this private VR room. Sort of a test. My understanding it was just a white room, with like roman columns, and a domed ceiling. Like a sort of classical temple or something. Then there were books in there, which with password access you could read. It was rumoured this is where you could actually read from 'The Book of Loki/Lucifer'. People usually referred to this room as 'The Waiting Room'.

Anyway, my understanding was this was the final initiation, and I did hear people claim they had gone through and passed this 'gnosis' of Saturn. Basically, they learned the secret knowledge and were then given access to the underground VR, the 'worlds within worlds' run by the Saturn cult.

Strange stuff.

Now there was a rom of 'Soviet Strike' a game from Sega Saturn, which was tied up with all these conspiracies about the war in Ukraine. Apparently if you unlocked the source codes there were battle plans of the American Military, Also all this shit about 'psychic spies', detailed writings by Michael Aquino from 'The temple of Set' about how in the future wars would be created as a distraction while human beings were pushed towards 'ascension' and immortality through virtual reality. I think he even used the word 'Metaverse' in this essay. Which would have been written ten years ago or more. Very odd.

Now, I can't speculate on exactly which act of violence was or wasn't orchestrated in some ways by the cult. The only one I know for certain was the explosion in Stockholm.

Stockholm: Two explosions minutes apart cause damage and leave one person injured
Authorities say the blasts were not terror-related after a recent spate of explosions linked to criminal gangs in Sweden.

That's because Maya literally screencapped an entire conversation in Discord in which people planned and orchestrated the whole thing. From buying the explosions, blueprints of the building. Discussion of how the whole thing would be orchastrated and everything in minute detail.

This is the sort of lowkey lowbrow thing these fucksticks were into. Just violence, mayhem. Honestly it kind of sickens me just to talk about. There was another one I had very strong inclination towards the cult because of something a couple of my Kingman mates alerted me to. Which was a series of explosions in a shopping centre in Japan. Sorry, but couldn't find an article about this one, and I don't know any dates.

Am I the only one following the instagram fights over the portrayal of Lucifer in Neil Gaiman's Sandman? This is so closely related to the ARG, but I guess not many would believe it. Maya is loving it.

I follow Gaiman on Instagram, he probably doesn't realise he has become like a mentor and idol for the cult. Its weird, I see them all following him.

You get to be able to tell the cult's accounts easily. Their members have similar imagery.

3 x3 images very common for a start.

This guy is CoS for sure, posts some really terrifying shit.

Something else I just really have to share, there is this vague corporation, which is so hard to define the edges of but Blackstone, Blackrock.

Worlds Incoporated and Worldcorp are definitely linked. Like the guys running the ARG are actually part of this corporation, although I can't give you a name of it. Only that its the true form of the Cult of Saturn. Maybe that is their name, I don't know. This is too deep a rabbit hole for me to dive into so i'll just leave links.

Worldcorp from ARG
A girl just found a hidden directory in a Worldcorp server (the same company that hosts the Skippy/Podesta torture videos). In the hidden folder is a video of a child alive and well.

Worlds Incorporated

Anyway, I have it from a good source these guys are building something strange. It involves IoT, escape rooms, VR, Modems, movable elevators, movable walls.

I believe a lot of it is being orchestrated by a company called 'Vector Technologies'. I've seen their vans driving around Los Angeles when I went to visit. I also noted that central LA had been really charged up with the Cult of Saturn sigils. So yeh, they are heavily active there at the moment.

Some rumours that they are calling it 'The Cube of Kronos'. But not sure at this point wether its just a rumour, an art project or an actual thing being manufactured. But ill end this post with some reflection on something else I found in the version of Goitye Powerhouse's 'The Supervillain' which I found. Its this poem attributed to Lucy. I believe this may be the girl Maya told me about. She was heavily involved with the ARG.

I tracked down an old post in Deviant Art, which has the full poem, and this is the first time i've ever read the ending. Finally makes sense to me, and seems to point towards the Book of Loki being merely a metaphor for esoteric knowledge, which would fit with some other things i'd read. So what? The book is actually an allegory for a laptop, or computer?